From INFJ to ESTP: The Best Workout for Your Myers-Briggs Personality

From INFJ to ESTP: The Best Workout for Your Myers-Briggs Personality

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Finding a workout plan you can actually stick to is the million-dollar challenge. Your friends tell you they're obsessed with cycling or hiking or rowing, so you try it. But after two weeks, you're back to your sedentary lifestyle. What gives?

Before you blame yourself, consider this: It might have something to do with your personality. In reality, we know that the real secret to sticking with a fitness regimen long-term is good old-fashioned daily discipline. But experts agree that finding a workout that meshes with your personality is also key. Acknowledging your social tendencies when choosing your activity of choice makes it easier to stick to it regularly, fosters a more enjoyable experience overall, and will make you feel inherently more comfortable while working out.

To help you find a fitness plan that will complement who you are as a person, we analyzed the 16 Myers-Briggs personality types and carefully selected a workout routine to accompany each one. (If you don't know what your personality type is yet, then take the Myers-Briggs test.) Keep scrolling to find out your ideal workout based on your levels of introversion, intuition, and more.


Your Workout:В Running

Your quiet, contemplative, and responsible qualities position you perfectly as a runner. Because you tend to achieve success through order and dependability, a consistent, no-frills running routine will serve you best.

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Your Workout:В Traditional Yoga

Your personality tends to be low-key but friendly, and you live your life striving to create order and harmony. When accomplishing tasks, you are always accurate and thorough, which makes you a perfect match for the tranquil yet precise poses of yoga.

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Your Workout:В Bikram Yoga

As an insightful and conscientious person, you seek meaning and connection inВ your activities and relationships.В The transportive, spiritual experience of hot yoga will nicely complement these attributes.

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Your Workout:В Dance

You are committed, independent, and goal-focused, and you hold yourself to a high standard when performing a task. You also have a knack for seeing patterns, both cerebral and physical, meaning you'll enjoy and excel at a dance-based workout like Zumba or Buti Yoga.

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Your Workout:В Barre

You are a silent observerВ who is tolerant and flexible by nature-bendy mind, bendy body.В A stretch- and toning-focused workout like barre will be your best bet.

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Your Workout:В Hiking

You are sensitive and kind and live for theВ present moment. Because you prefer to operate on your own schedule and in your own space, the liberating nature of hiking is aВ perfect fit for you.

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Your Workout:В Pilates

Idealistic, curious, and adaptable by nature, you'll thrive in a workout that helps ground your core. Pilates will enhance your already flexible qualities while strengthening you both physically and mentally.

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Your Workout:В Spinning

An inborn skeptic, you operate on logic and analysis. Spinning is a great match for you for so many reasons. It will work out in one of two ways: Either you'll choose a traditional Spin class and get lost in thought from the repetitiveВ movement, or you'll choose a cult cycling class like SoulCycle, which will challenge you to throw your logical tendencies out the window and let go.В

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Your Workout:В Boxing

You approach everyday situations with raw energy and enjoy spontaneity and being active with other people. AВ social, high-energy workout like boxing will keep you stimulated and excited about working out.

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Your Workout: Swimming

You are outgoing, adaptable, and spontaneous but also thrive on logic and order. Swimming is tailor-made for your personality, as you can make it as social or orderly as you wish, depending on whether you're taking a few laps by yourself at the local swim club or splashing around at a friend's pool.

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Your Workout:В Rock Climbing

You are highly imaginativeВ and spontaneous and thrive on both giving and receiving a lot of support from others. Rock climbing will stimulate your thirst for adventure andВ collaborative nature.

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Your Workout:В TRX Training

You are alert and outspoken and get bored very easily, soВ a workout routine that requires you to do the same thing the same way every day won't stick. Your ideal workout is something versatile, like TRX, a suspension training workout developed by Navy SEALs. This workout requires the use of a TRX Suspension Trainer, a simple tool that can be used to complete hundreds of exercises and keep you on your toes.

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Your Workout:В Bootcamp Classes

You value efficiency and like to get things fully accomplished in the shortest period of time possible. A challengingВ bootcampВ class that combines interval cardiovascular exercise with strength training will allow you to get in the most effective workout in the least amount of time.

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Your Workout:В Tennis

You are cooperative and warmhearted and play well with others, meaning a fun, collaborative workout like tennis will suit you best. Because you accomplish tasks best in a group setting, you might even opt to play doubles.

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Your Workout:В Power Walking

A natural leader, you are sociable and highly attuned to the emotions and needs of others, so a group workoutВ would suit you best. Try putting together a power walking club or joining a recreational sports team, where you can exercise your leadership qualities.

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Your Workout:В Martial Arts

You are decisiveВ and goal-oriented and enjoy long-term planning. You also like to learn and expand your mind with everything you do. For these reasons, a workout that's also a skill, like Muay ThaiВ or another martial art, will be your ideal workout.

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Don't trust Myers-Briggs? Next,В find out the best workout for your zodiac sign.

This story was originally published on November 8, 2016.