From Gigi to Rosie: The Workouts Top Models Swear By

From Gigi to Rosie: The Workouts Top Models Swear By

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While models often have genetics on their side, let's be clear: height is just one industry requirement, and working (very) hard for their toned physiques is another hugeВ part of the gig. So even thoughВ not all of us were born with an Amazonian stature, that's not to say we can't find some serious inspiration in how our favorite cat-walkers break a sweat-especially since all of them haveВ different fitness regimens they prefer. (Read: There's something for everyone!)

So, how does Gigi Hadid keep those abs in fighting shape? What's the secret to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's long, lean legs? Click through the gallery below to see the go-to workouts of some of the top models in the world.

Instagram/ @josephineskriver

Josephine Skriver

Skriver is a fan of dynamic bootcamp workouts,В rotating through toning, cardio, and boxing exercises at NYC hotspot The DogpoundВ in order to keep things interesting.


Romee Strijd

Like Skriver, Strijd also frequents The Dogpound. "When I am traveling," she adds in a recent interview with Glamour, "I like to pack a jump rope and ankle weights in my suitcase."

Instagram/ @adrianalima

Adriana Lima

"I'm a boxer," Lima told us earlier this year. "I've been doing it for over 10 years, and it really is my workout of choice."

Instagram/ @GigiHadid

Gigi Hadid

Hadid has spoken out consistently on the importance of staying fit-and it's pretty common knowledge at this point that she loves to do so by dukingВ it out in the boxing ring.

Marks & Spencer

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

We had to go straight to the source for all RHW's workout secrets-and that would be trainer Simone De La Rue of Body By Simone. The pair uses dynamic dance moves to tone up from head to toe-check out some of their go-to exercises here.

Instagram/ @gisele

Gisele BГјndchen

As often seen on Instagram, BГјndchen keeps her legendary body in top form by rotating through yoga, aerobics, and even kung fu.

Instagram/ @LaisRibeiro

Lais Ribeiro

The Brazilian native likes to switch things up-on any given day, you might find her sparring in the boxing ringВ or dancing it out with Simone De La Rue.

Instagram/ @jastooks

Jasmine Tookes

The Victoria's Secret beauty says that in order to prep for a big swimsuit shoot, she likes to blitz through squats.

Instagram/ @JoanSmalls

Joan Smalls

Smalls works with a trainerВ to strike the perfect balance of cardio and body-sculpting moves.

Instagram/ @karliekloss

Karlie Kloss

The former ballerinaВ often takes to Instagram to dole out some fitness motivation-and these days, her go-to workoutВ is quite fittingly dance-inspired. Kloss's trainer is Anna Kaiser, who also lends her high-energy cardio moves to Naomi Watts, Shakira, and more.

Instagram/ @taylor_hill

Taylor Hill

Hill is a regular at NYC's ModelFIT, preferring one-on-one sessions over a group setting. "I have to use a trainer because I cheat in classes," she admitted to us earlier this year. "We do a lot of slow, muscle-targeting movements with gliding discs andВ two-pound weights. Almost kind of floor pilates in a way, because we get on the floor and she puts resistance bands around my ankles and things like that. It'sВ soВ hard-it doesn't sound hard and it doesn't look hard, but I could back squat, like, 85 pounds, and I quiver when I do this. I'm like,В Oh my God, I can't stand up anymore because I'm so sore!В It's amazing."

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