I Tried the Viral Eyebrow Stamp That's Supposed to Give You Perfect Brows

I Tried the Viral Eyebrow Stamp That's Supposed to Give You Perfect Brows

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As a self-proclaimed eyebrow enthusiast, I'll try just about any product that promises gorgeous, natural-looking brows. That being said, I'm not a person who's willing to spend more than a few minutes working on them. The product needs to be effective, of course, but also effortless in its execution. Enter Kiss's I-Envy Beautiful Brow Stamp ($9), a product that boasts a "mess-free, mistake-free application for an effortlessly flawless look." Essentially, it's a sponge and powder stamp-for your face. You're meant to press the brow-shaped sponge into the supplied powder, line it up with your brow bone, and stamp on color. If used correctly, it will turn an often 10 minute-long filling-in process into a few seconds.

But does it work? I decided to find out.

Kiss I-Envy Beautiful Brow Stamp $9Shop

I went ahead and opened up the plastic package, excited about the prospect of an easier new brow product but skeptical about the range of shades. Because my hair is on the cooler side, it's best for my complexion to use a grayish-beige color rather than a true brown. I usually have a hard time finding the correct shade. To my surprise, the Soft Brown hue was perfect, a mix of brown, beige, and gray that went perfectly with my coloring.

As per the directions, I moisturized my face (including the brow area). I opened up the powder compact and pressed the brow stamp onto the powder. I had to do a few swipes, moving it around a bit to fully coat the sponge to avoid bare spots. Then, I positioned the stamp at my brow bone and gently placed it against my skin and pressed down. I removed the stamp and a fully filled-in brow was revealed.

Quite honestly, I was pretty shocked. Upon further inspection, there were definitely a few spots I had to fix-remove some of the product in places and apply it more in others. It's also important to note the shape of the brow sponge didn't exactly line up with my own arches. Since I have decidedly full, thick brows, I imagine those with smaller, more sparse brows would have even more of an issue with this.

I applied the powder to my remaining brow and took a look. From afar, they looked perfect-filled in, bushy, and natural. But, again, once I took a closer look they were mussed in places they wouldn't have been had I filled them in with a pencil or brush. The second brow was a bit off as well, this time at the top where the hairs feather out.

The conclusion? This is a super-easy, really effective product when you don't have more than a few seconds to spend on your brows. The fact that it's $9 doesn't hurt either. But if you have thinner eyebrows and a bit more time, I'd recommend investing in a pencil, powder brush, or tinted gel as well.

See the before/afters below.

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