This Sydney Influencer Has Perfect Air-Dried Curls-Here's How She Does It

This Sydney Influencer Has Perfect Air-Dried Curls-Here's How She Does It

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Dave Wheeler for Who What Wear Australia

You may have noticed a buzzy hair trend that's been sweeping Sydney lately. What started as a low-key preoccupation with undone wavesВ has now evolved into a straight up obsession with all-natural curls. Blame it on the current fixation with ditching hot tools in favor of air-drying hair, but this approach to styling has quickly become the mark of cool girls everywhere. Influencer and INF / Network member Chloe HillВ is the perfect poster girl for the movement, having recently chosen to embrace her own God-given texture-the heavenly twists you see in these images.

Keen to discover Hill's air-drying secrets, we reached out for a tГЄte-Г -tГЄte on all things hair. First up, the influencerВ told us her decision to take her strands au naturel came down to a desire to feel more like herself: "I think wild curly hair suits my personality much more than super-smooth waves," she says. This desire to be true to her personal style meant Hill didn't originally seek out hairspo in the form of celebrity references. Now though, she says she often pulls up images of It model Mica ArgaГ±araz: "She has the perfect curl-to-frizz balance, and her shaggy fringe is the best." (Agreed.)

Ahead Hill outlines her go-to strategy for keeping her curls natural whilst banishing frizz and fluffiness, and the products she says are essential for taming her hair.

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Dave Wheeler for Who What Wear Australia

BYRDIE AUSTRALIA: How did you go about figuring out how to wear your hair naturally?

CHLOE HILL: It was a gradual process as there is just so darn much of my hair! I started out wearing a half pony, as the bottom layer of curls were the most manageable ones. Then, in the spur of the moment, I cut myself a fringe. This helped to balance out the volume and since then I've worn all my hair out, almost every day.

B: How do you style your hair now day-to-day?

CH: When I get out of the shower I wrap my hair in a towel for a few minutes, then let it air dry naturally. I never rub it as this breaks up the curls and creates extra frizz. I part it with my fingers, bringing my fringe forward to sit the way I like. Then, later in the day once it's dry, or before I head out to an evening event, I freshen up the curls on top and around my face with a Cloud Nine tong. I simply twirl each strand into a spiral around the tong and hold it for a few seconds. If it's humid I'll also use a light misting of Redken hairsprayВ for extra staying power.

B: Which products do you rely on to keep your curls looking good?

CH: The secret is in the shampoo and conditioner-I don't use a lot of other products to tell you the truth. I need something super-rich but that doesn't weigh my hair down and Mr Smith'sВ hydrating duo is amazing, I've also found KГ©rastase's Discipline range to be perfect for taming my hair. I use their Bain Fluidealiste shampooВ every other day, followed by theВ Maskeratine Masque, which I leave on for at least a couple of minutes before rinsing out.В

Dave Wheeler for Who What Wear Australia

B: Did you receive any advice on how to handle your curls prior to going on this journey?

CH: My lovely friend (and amazing hair stylist) Pete LennonВ gave me some great advice that helped heaps. One tip was to sleep on a silk pillowcaseВ to prevent curls from getting frizzy overnight. Stylist Jasmin LoВ also taught me how to use a curling tong to define my curls when she was did my hair for the Who What Wear Australia shootВ last month. Every bit of advice helps!

B: Any advice on air-drying you'd give first-timers?

CH: Don't be rough with your hair, or over handle it. And never rub it with a towel, or comb your curls out.

B: What has embracing your natural texture taught you about your approach to beauty?

CH: It has definitely made me more aware that I should embrace the features God has given me! Whether it be my curly hair, pale skin (yes, I used to go hard on the fake tan too), or the smile lines starting to show up around my eyes-I'm happy to embrace it all. I've actually started wearing less makeup too… but maybe that's just because my fringe now covers half my face. laughs