The Beauty Products Aimee Song Always Brings With Her When She Travels

Aimee Song, better known as her pseudonym, Song of Style, has built a career in both a literal and figurative sense. An interior architect and designer by trade, Song balances a technical day job while running a successful blog. Curating style shots and conceptualizing floor plans requires a fair amount of hustle, which she knows all too well-she's constantly on the move, often flying all over to investigate new grounds, draw inspiration, and build her brand. Given her frequent-flyer miles and numerous passport stamps, it's a fair assumption that she's got packing her beauty products down to a science. And after an email exchange with the blogger and designer, turns out we were right.

Below, Song outlines her travel essentials, packing hacks, and carry-on go-tos.

Her Packing Tricks

"I pack all my liquids and breakables in a separate waterproof pouch to avoid spills," explains Song. "It always helps to keep things in separate little bags so nothing is loose in my luggage. I also have a little secret: I remove the cap and put a small layer of cling wrap around the opening of every bottle and then recap. Trust me-this will save your life!

"I also recommend leaving room in your suitcase to experiment and buy local products! Some of my favorite new beauty finds have come from visiting foreign places and exploring what products and ingredients they treasure."

Her Must-Haves

"I always travel with a small tube of Aquaphor(especially since I have eczema), an eye cream (like Laura Mercier's Tone Perfecting Eye Gel CrГЁme, $98, which is extra nice because it's really cooling), and a bronzer to dust all over my face to fake a tan when I'm arriving somewhere tropical," says Song.

"I was recently in Ethiopia with Charity Water and knew I would need to combat dryness, so I made sure to pack my tinted moisturizer to ensure I had a hydrated base. It also has SPF in it, so it's one of my most important steps."

Her Carry-On Essentials

"I check my full-size products and anything I don't need during or immediately after my flight," she explains.

"I keep my go-tos on me at all times: a great tinted moisturizer, concealer, and highlighter-so I look a little more awake after a long flight-and a bright lipstick. I'll be in Korea soon for my book launch and I'll be packing myВ Editorial Eye Palette Intense Clays from Laura Mercier. It's my new obsession and will give me that smoky, sultry eye look I love for evening events. Also, airplanes can be so dry, so I always make sure to have lip balm with me for constant application. This is the only way I can avoid chapped lips and ensure my lipstick goes on smooth."

Opening Image: @songofstyle

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