This Clay Mask Says It's Anti-Ageing, But It Actually Cleared My Congestion

My friends, flatmate, and Snapchat followers would all vouch for the fact that I am a sheet mask-addict. I won't deny this, but I will say that aВ good clay mask is also an important feature in my beauty arsenal. While a sheet mask will plump and hydrate, it's clay masks that I count on to suck out gunk and leave my skin squeaky clean. Last Tuesday IВ workedВ from home, so decided it was as good a time as ever to trial a new one. I slathered on a thick layer, and kept clicking away at my keyboard while it dried.В

When it started to flake off onto my keyboard (too much?), I went to the bathroom to towel it off. My face looked plump, albeit a little pink, but healthy. The mask in question was age-preventative, so my expectations were mediocre (I'm only 23). Imagine my sheer horror when I woke up the next morning toВ clusters of whiteheads around my mouth, chin, and cheeks. I was shook (I rarely break out). But, before you swear off clay masks forever, you should know what happened about three days later when the acne subsided.В

Keep scrolling to find out.В


I'll get straight to it: My skin was glowing. And clean. This clay mask quite literally did its job perfectly-it drew out all the impurities and muck lurking beneath the surface (unsightly, yes), but once the breakout calmedВ down, my face was smooth and free of all congestion-think Cate Blanchett-style clarity. So what is this magical clay mask I speak of? It was LA brand Youth To The People's Age Prevention Superfood Mask. With a kaolin base, the mask is packed with superfoods, such as algae, seaweed, spinach, kale and spirulina, to nourish, cleanse, and encourage cell turnover. While it might also work wonders on ageing skin (sound off in the comments if you've tried), it turns out this clay-based mask is basically a vacuum for congestion.В

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