Diptyque Just Launched Its First-Ever Hair Mist, and It Smells Like Fresh Roses

When we think of Diptyque, we think of the famous French brand's trademark candles that adorn every beauty editor's desk, blogger's vanity, and interior designer's bookshelves. The simple glass holder contains fragrant white wax that melts slowly and evenly, making any space infinitely cozier (and chicer).

The brand has previously stayed unbudgingly in the candle and fragrance market-branching out to include some skincare products like hand cream and perfumed soap. That changes today, as the brand has entered a whole new realm of beauty: hair mist. It marks the brand's first foray into the market, and in true French fashion, the new product is classic, effortless, and sophisticated. Oh, and it smells like fresh, spring roses. Francophiles, read on to see what is destined to become the newest addition to your Diptyque collection.

Diptyque Eau Rose Hair Mist $48Shop

This new hair mist is essentially a hair perfume. It's a part of the new Rose Delight collection, which takes inspiration from fine fabric prints from India and fragrant Turkish roses. In fact, the scent is comparable to the famous Turkish Delight dessert, which combines rose, lemon, honey, and powdered sugar. Traditionally, the dessert was shared between lovers, which is why it's an amorous and lighthearted fragrance that's perfect for a pre-Valentine's Day launch like this.

Spritz it through your hair after styling (or when not styling, which is the norm for me on most busy weekday mornings). The scent will waft out of your strands all day, while the camelia oil-infused formula protects, smooths, and imparts shine. Essentially, it's a hair perfume and a nourishing hair oil all in one.

If hair perfume sounds like an old trend to you, well, you're technically right. Hair perfume is a classic trend because women in the 18th century would powder their hair with fragrant talcum as a part of their beauty routines. Since then it's morphed into a more modern product with a whole host of perfumed sprays and oils (and we have a ton of favorites). This one is a promising addition to our collection because-let's face it-if any brand can bring an 18th-century beauty trend back to the 21st-century mainstream, it's Diptyque.