Meet London's Most Revered Face Doctor

Meet London's Most Revered Face Doctor

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Dr. Frances Prenna Jones is a name that, when mentioned in conversation, is uttered in tones that can only be described as reverential. To those in the know she is a worker of small, subtle, confidence-boosting miracles; she's the cosmetic anti-ageing doctor with a professed love of science (she's a qualified doctor of medicine), a propensity for brutal honesty and the sort of glowing skin that inspires one serious case of “I'll have what she's having.”

Her patients are more likely to be complimented on how well and how rested they look than asked: “What have you had done?” That's a testament, indeed, to a practitioner who understands that less-or just enough-is most definitely more in an age of pillowed pouts and frozen foreheads. No wonder she's got one seriously long celebrity client list (and, I should add, the discretion to keep you guessing exactly who's on it).В

In short, Dr. Prenna Jones is one face doctor who isn't going to plump, pump or pull your face out of recognizable shape. It's all about subtlety and working with the face's natural proportions and structure-the theory of which she carefully drew out for me on my first visit.

I had booked in for a course of mesotherapy (after hearing rave reports from a few very-glowing friends), a treatment that involves small injections deep into the skin that help boost volume and collagen production, treat wrinkles and hydrate the skin-from the inside.

The injections contain a powerful cocktail of hyaluronic acid, vitamins, minerals and other ingredients naturally found in the skin-or, as Dr. FPJ put it to me, literally the best of everything your skin needs, right where it needs it.

And man, my skin needed it…

At this point, I should be clear: My skin isn't awful, but nor is it glowing. I'm a reasonably well-living 30-something with a history of acne for which I took a harsh but very effective course of Roaccutane in my early 20s. That, I think, is at the core of my biggest skin concern: It's constantly parched and really, really dull. It's not surface-dry but it's noticeably lacking… something.В

True to expectation, Dr. Prenna JonesВ nailed the problem during a refreshingly honest 20-minute chat-and within about 10 of her welcoming me in to the treatment room wearing typically towering heels (also notable as the moment I knew I would love her).В

The “something” I am lacking, according to Dr. Prenna Jones, is deep hydration, combined with a significant (and seriously aging) loss of volume around my cheeks and jawline. Thankfully, two concerns mesotherapy is known for targeting. So after talking the treatment through and being made to feel completely at ease it was out with the needles-or, more accurately, one needle, repeatedly.В

Did it hurt? A little, yes.В

The numbing cream applied before the treatment doesn't stop you feeling the injections; it just dulls the sensation making them feel more like annoying stings than anything more terrifying. It's brief, bearable and (this I can say with conviction) absolutely worth it. The results are fantastic.

I was told I would see results after a day or two. The treatment was on Wednesday, and I was expecting a visit from my most harsh and loving critic, my mom, on Friday. Her response? “Wow, you look so well.” That I took as a sure sign the treatment had done exactly what I had hoped it would do. My skin looked nourished and fresh for the first time in months.

Were there any downsides? Only this: When the treatment started to wear off-so in the weeks leading up to the next treatment (it varies, but for me and my big-ol' volume loss, that was in three months' time)-I did really start to notice how dull and tired my skin started looking. It didn't look worse than it did pretreatment, but when glowing skin becomes your new normal, it's tough to take anything less. It leaves you wanting more.

This is where Dr. Prenna Jones-and any good cosmetic doctor worth their salt-steps in, because she's simply not going to let you go over the top. Case in point: In my first consultation, I asked her about fillers and Botox. I was absolutely convinced it was time to go there. “No, no, no,” she chirruped. “Not just yet; not just yet. Later down the line, maybe, just a few sprinkles here and there, but no, no, no, not yet.”

That is Dr. Prenna Jones. That is the reason the A-list adores her and why there is a three-month waiting list for consultations. She is that good. So yes, I'm going back for more. “I love her,” I whispered to the receptionist as I scheduled my next appointment. “Everyone says that,” she replied, smiling.

Dr. Frances Prenna Jones Formula $59Shop

Described as “daily insurance for the skin,” apply this to a cotton pad and swipe over skin twice per day. Containing vitamins and antioxidants it gently exfoliates the skin (to boost that glow), it balances hydration, antioxidants protect while anti-inflammatories take down any unwanted redness. This is pretty much everything you need in one bottle.

Mesotherapy with Dr. Frances Prenna Jones costs $365. To book an appointment, call the clinic at 011-44-207-499-3848. Alternatively, visit her website for more information.

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