3-Minute Read: This Workout Can Literally Change Your "Stress DNA"

3-Minute Read: This Workout Can Literally Change Your "Stress DNA"

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Welcome to 3-Minute Read, your midweek rundown of everything we're talking about at Byrdie HQ. Every Wednesday, we'll get you up-to-date on the beauty news you need to know-in just three minutes.

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Not that we ever need an excuse to lie in Savasana, but we're certainly down to pay tribute to one of the most ancient forms of stress relief. Yoga, how do we love thee? Let us count the (science-backed) ways:

1. It can literally transform the DNA responsible for stress and bad health. That's according to a study released earlier this week, which found that both yoga and meditation have a profoundly positive impact on gene expression. Basically, a regular practice helps boost the immune system, staves off depression, and fights inflammation at a cellular level.

2. It's just as effective for chronic back pain as physical therapy. According to research, it even eliminates much of the need for pain medication.

3. You can feel the benefits after just one class. That's because you'll work muscles you didn't even know you had and effectively get to know your body on an intimate level. Yes, it happens that fast.

4. Face yoga: It's a thing. Working the muscles on your face is a free way to give yourself a lift-and the exercises are easy. (Do them at your desk.)

5. Speaking of which-it's the world's easiest way to get an instant glow. By hanging upside down in different stretches, you immediately get your blood flowing-and that boost of circulation gives your complexion a youthful flush.

Check out more of the (many) benefits here, and shop our yoga essentials below.

We look forward to these long, warm days all year long-but the high humidity and sweaty commutes? Not so much. InStyle has some genius tips on keeping your foundation (and in effect, the rest of your makeup) on lockdown no matter the forecast.

There's an app for that. In a game-changing move, BareMinerals launched its Made-2-Fit tool this week, a smartphone app that allows you to custom-blend your own ideal foundation formula. You simply scan your skin and let the MatchCo technology take care of the rest. You'll even get your name printed on your customized bottle.

According to the latest reports, the collection made $14.4 million in just 10 minutes-before it promptly sold out, of course. But while you wait for a restock, get some contouring pointers from Kardashian West herself.

Urban Decay is launching a summer edition of its beloved Naked palette, called Heat-and as the name suggests, it's packed with steamy, sun-inspired shades. Snatch it up when it officially launches on June 30. (And head over to PureWow to find out how you can preorder it.)

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