The Many Benefits of Using Bio-Oil

The Many Benefits of Using Bio-Oil

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Bio-Oil is a stalwart of the skincare world, famed for its ability to do just about anything and everything to better the appearance and comfort of your skin. Its multitasking potential once earned this little bottle of orange-tinged oil icon status, but it's the kind of beauty staple that seems to have retreated to the back of our bathroom cabinets and fallen off the edge of our beauty regimens.

Whether you bought yours because the advertisements promise it would melt away your stretch marks or, like me, you were looking for a quick-fix remedy for your perennially dry skin, or even if you're yet to invest in a bottle at all, if you knew exactly what Bio-Oil was capable of, I'm pretty certain it would become the most prized product in your skincare arsenal once more. So hear me out on this one-keep scrolling as I fill you in on just about everything Bio-Oil can do.

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Fade Stretch Marks

Listen to me now: Your stretch marks are nothing to worry about-and one Instagram artist has a pretty refreshing take on them. But if they're bugging you, Bio-Oil is famed for its ability to softly smudge them away. Now, I don't reckon it'll ever completely delete them, but its blend of vitamins A and E, along with skin-healing oils like rosemary and chamomile, does make it pretty good at nourishing the skin, thus fading the lines. It also boosts skin's elasticity, which helps stop new stretch marks from forming too.

Heal Scars

In the same vein as fading stretch marks, Bio-Oil will nourish the skin around a scar to help reduce the appearance of that too. Wait until the cut has completely healed, then start to massage the oil into the skin every single day, and it will dramatically speed up how quickly it fades away.

Clear Acne Scars

Bio-Oil can be used on the face, too, and is particularly effective on skin that has faced acne in the past. In fact, a 2012 study at Peking University, Beijing found that 84 percent of the trial's subjects experienced an improvement in the overall condition of their acne scars and more than 90 percent experienced an improvement in scar color after using Bio-Oil twice a day for 10 weeks.

Balance Uneven Skin Tone

If you've got any patches of hyperpigmentation on your body or face, you'll find the vitamin A in Bio-Oil works wonders to level out the skin tone to make the area look far more even. You should never spend prolonged time in the sun, but if it happens (we're all human), apply Bio-Oil after the exposure to help the skin rebuild itself and to avoid hyperpigmentation.

Work as an All-Round Body Lotion

Full of natural plant oils, Bio-Oil is brilliant at simply nourishing the skin and thankfully is pretty light, so it doesn't leave behind any sticky residue. I also like to rub a little extra into my cuticles and any particularly dry areas of skin, like my elbows.

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