I Tried Rationale's Newest Product and Here's My Honest Review

I Tried Rationale's Newest Product and Here's My Honest Review

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While I love a lot of skincare brands, none have changed my complexion quite like Rationale (IВ documented my journey here if you'd like to know more). Founded by Richard Parker, the Australian line puts emphasis on skin-identical ingredients for optimal biological functioning, and the brand's "Essential Six" are, in my opinion, true miracle workers.В

A few months ago, Rationale launched a new product: The Antioxidant Lipid ConcentrateВ ($155). As a devout brand fan, I obviously had to try it. I've been testing it now for a good two months to really get a feel for exactly how it works (and also, gauge if it's worth the $$$, because we all know Rationale does not come cheap).В

Keep scrolling for my full review.В

Rationale Antioxidant Lipid Concentrate $155Shop

To add a little context for those new to the brand, Rationale is most well-known for its Essential Six: Six core products-three of which are used in the morning and three at night-for skin that functions optimally (thus meaning it's clear, balanced, radiant, and adequately protected for dealing with environmental aggressors like pollution and UVA/UVB rays).В

TheВ Antioxidant Lipid ConcentrateВ ($155)В exists outside of the Essential Six range, so I wasn't sure where to slot it in. But brand experts explained its best used post-serum, pre-moisturiser in the morning, which makes sense, seeing as its main purpose is to protect from infrared radiation, reinforce the skins' barrier, and bolster lipid production.В

It contains a powerhouse ingredient cocktail of vitamin A (for collagen production and healthy cellular turnover), vitamin C (to brighten and protect), vitamin E (to hydrate), and coenzyme Q10 (to prevent UV-induced skin damage). I'll note that traditionally, these ingredients wouldn't exist together within one product as they wouldВ be irritatingВ (hello, vitamin A and C), but because the Rationale formulation is designed to be skin-identical, I'm assured the mix is perfectly fine-in fact the product is recommended for sensitive skin types as its barrier repairing functions can make a huge difference on irritated, inflamed complexions.В

Anyway, back to my thoughts: The texture to me errs on the side of a dry facial oil, and a little goes a very long way (think a max of three drops to cover your face and neck). It leaves skin dewy, but Rationale is known for its super glowy, radiant product finishes, so this was no surprise. I found after about 30 seconds or so, it had absorbed enough to massage my normal moisturiser over the top. Skin was still glossy, but I very much liked the finish.В

It definitely comforted my skin and reduced redness on windy, cold days, or on those mornings where I had not had enough shut-eye the night before. I even found it felt like an adequate replacement for my day cream, too. I'll also note that it improved a stubborn acne scar on my cheek that I'd been trying to fade for months with no avail.В I personally have also been relying on it for weekends away, or one-night interstate work trips when I have no luggage space toВ take my entire skincare routine. The tiny bottle makes it perfect for long-haul flights too.В

Overall, it's a great product. If you're particularly dry, and craving the comfort only a facial oil can offer, 100 percent go for it-you will not be disappointed. Alternatively, I think it could be a great entry point for someone who wants to dip their toes into the world of Rationale, but is not quite ready to commit to a full regime.В

So yes, it's a splurge, but one that will make your face very happy!