7 Things You Should Know Before You Take Your First Boxing Class

7 Things You Should Know Before You Take Your First Boxing Class

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Any notion that boxing is just for boys couldn't be more wrong. These days, models (including Gigi Hadid and Adriana Lima), fashion bloggers, and It girls like Hannah Bronfman are becoming boxing devotees, putting the workout right up there with cult favorites à la Ballet Barre, Soul Cycle, and Model Fit. In other words? Boxing is cool and empowering, and its female followers are redefining what it means to “hit like a girl.”

Ready to lace up your gloves and try an old-school boxing workout? Before you jump in the (proverbial) ring, keep scrolling for seven things you should know, courtesy of the staff at popular L.A. boxing studio Prevail.

Lachlan Bailey for Vogue Paris

It's way less scary than it sounds

“Boxing is not just about learning how to fight! At Prevail, we focus on creating a welcoming and supportive environment to help our clients attain their health and wellness goals through the art of boxing. There's no pressure or expectation to get in the ring-that's why we don't have one. Fitness is a personal journey, so we encourage our clients to pursue self-excellence and not to compete or compare themselves with anyone else. You won't have to fight in front of anyone.” -Milan Costich, Founder, Prevail


Your arms won't bulk up

“Stop worrying that your arms will 'bulk up.' Proper punching technique is a full body movement, so boxing will get you in shape from head to toe. Strong legs, core, and back are all essential when it comes to boxing. We combine boxing with lots of aerobic and anaerobic conditioning, plyometrics and agility movements-giving you that lean and toned physique you've always wanted.” -Lawrence Thomas, Lead Trainer, Prevail

You'll want to come early your first time

“For your first class, make sure to arrive 20-30 minutes early. This will save you headache and stress when it comes to parking or finding the studio, and more importantly it gives your trainer the opportunity to properly prepare you for your first boxing experience, which should include wrapping your hands, picking out the right size gloves for you, and showing you some boxing fundamentals. Wrapping your hands before boxing helps ensure you have proper padding and support while punching. Not only will this protect your knuckles and wrists, but it also makes you feel much more official!” -Eddie Arrazola, Trainer, Prevail

Wear Pants That Stay Up

“You'll be wearing gloves while you're working out, so it'll be hard to adjust your outfit during class. Wear workout clothes that are comfortable to move around in-whether you're punching, jumping, lunging, or doing the dreaded burpee. Oh, and you're going to get sweaty! Bring plenty of water to replenish after your workout.” -Gina Hendron, Studio Manager, Prevail

Lachlan Bailey for Vogue Paris

It Requires Presence-Ditch the Distractions

“Boxing is such a demanding full body workout, but it's also a technical skillset. With so much going on at once, let go of all distractions, stresses and worries, so that you can be fully present in what you're doing. Practicing this will help you get into the zone-a fat-burning, tension-relieving zone!” -Costich

Prevail Los Angeles

You'll Make Friends (Really!)

“Boxing is still a niche workout, so it'll will be easy to make some friends at your studio, especially if you engage. We put a huge emphasis on community at our gym, because our clients like to feel that they're going through the struggle together. The old saying 'iron sharpens iron' couldn't be truer. So hold your friends accountable and have them do the same for you, so together you guys can Prevail.” -Thomas

It's Incredibly Empowering

“Boxing is pretty badass! The majority of our clients are female, and they love how empowered boxing makes them feel. There's something about putting on the gloves and discovering how hard you can really hit that makes you proud that you get to do everything in life #likeagirl.” -Hendron
Have you ever tried boxing? (We're huge fans of it at Byrdie.) Will you give it a try after reading this? Tell us below!