How to Organize Makeup Like You're Basically a Vlogger

It's easy to accumulate a museum-worthy product collection if you're a beauty junkie. What's not so easy is keeping that ever-expanding collection neatly organized. Inevitably your lipsticks get misplaced and your eye shadows accidentally get tossed into a random bag. But eventually, these habits can lead to lost products or even worse: clutter. So if your bathroom looks like the aftermath of a Sephora explosion, you need to try the makeup organization tips below. Trust us-we know exactly how to organize makeup. Consider your clutter conquered.

Keep reading to see seven genius tips on how to organize makeup.

Invest in a Clear Organizer


One glance at Pinterest's organization inspiration page tells us that clear acrylic boxes are a popular (and aesthetically pleasing) way to store makeup. We love the GlamBoxes Glam Petite Makeup Organizer ($199). Its drawers are deep enough to stash tons of products, and the open top allows for a Pinterest-worthy display of perfume and makeup brushes.

Keep All of Your Essentials in One Spot

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Sort out items that you use every day and separate them from the rest of your makeup to streamline your routine. If you're typically rushed in the morning, it's helpful to make the most of your drawer space with dividers, like the Ikea Godmorgon BoxВ ($18). This way, you can put all your essentials back in their correct place without a thought. Just think of all the time you'll save byВ not frantically digging through your makeup bags for mascara.

Candles Are the New Mason Jars

Urban Outfitters

We're not trying to knock the country-chic dГ©cor staple, but we do think empty candleholders are poised to take the place of mason jars. Burn the rest of those candles you've been saving and use them to store your brushes. Plus: You've already got the materials and reusing them will also make your room smell pleasant.

Get Ready to Make Some Labels


Have beauty products that are pretty to look at but rarely get used? (Guilty.) Instead of relegating them to some storage box, set up a vanity tray so they can be on display without contributing to clutter.В


Gather all those unused boxes and pails you've been hoarding (today's the day they become useful). Add colorful tape and handwritten labels to them for a personalized touch.

Note: Even after you spend all this time organizing, there's no way every product is going to be put back where it belongs every time. It's a good idea to keep a small, unlabeled bin handy for that. Just put everything back in its proper place at the end of the week.

Hammer and Heels

AВ DIY lipstick holder looks like dГ©cor andВ keeps our favorite shades organized? Count us in.

Brit + Co

It's cumbersome (and inconvenient) to mix and match eye shadows from several different palettes. A little time spent de-potting your products and loading them into the magnetic Z Palette instantly simplifies your makeup routine.

Which of these makeup organization tips will you be trying? Tell us in the comments below.

This post was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated.