Overnight Elixirs for Instantly Younger-Looking Skin

Overnight Elixirs for Instantly Younger-Looking Skin

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Living in Los Angeles's sun-drenched climate has been a blessing for my day-to-day but a bit of a curse for my complexion. While I'm always hesitant to complain about the beautiful climate, it's no question that I've found it can wreak major havoc on my skin, leading to premature sun spots, wrinkles,В and overall damage. Not quite ready to book an appointment with a dermatologist, I sourced the experts at StriVectinskincare. A leading pioneer in the space,В the brand has a line of science-packed skincare productsВ that has helped to both prevent and reverse the visible signs of premature aging and sun damage in my skin. My favorite isВ its newВ S.T.A.R Light Retinol Night Oil, an advanced, dry finish oilВ that helps to smooth out wrinkles and evens out texture and skin tone, all while you sleep. Shop the rest of the five-star productsguaranteed to give you a more glowing complexion overnight.

StriVectin S.T.A.R Light Retinol Night Oil $99Shop

All the benefits of retinol without the irritation.В

StriVectin Multi-Action Moisture Matrix Melting Cleanser $35Shop

Cleanse your skin without stripping it of natural oils

StriVectin Intensive Eye Concentrate for Wrinkles $69Shop

Visibly reduce the look of fatigue and wrinkles around your eyes.

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